Agriculture Roadside Assistance

When your equipment is in trouble, call High Speed Tire and Automotive and allow us to handle your repair needs.

From semi-trucks, tractors, and trailers, to wheelbarrows, and lawnmowers, High Speed Tire and Automotive in Bloomington, IN offers mobile tire repair and replacement. We'll meet you where you need us with the tires, tools, and expertise to install them.

When we come out to the field, we can do simple and quick repairs for many emergencies that may arise. We can also come out and visit you for regularly scheduled maintenance on the equipment that’s too big to bring into the shop. The benefits of our roadside assistance are that it saves you time and it keeps your equipment up to date on maintenance.

If your tractor’s battery dies, or your backhoe stops working, we can provide diagnostics, general maintenance, engine, and component service as needed for your heavy farming equipment. From end to end, we can diagnose, repair, and replace most problems that arise while you’re doing your work.

The bigger engines in commercial vehicles like tractors and pickup trucks require more frequent oil changes. Your engine works harder when it has a dirty air filter which can lead to premature wear. Sometimes for big equipment it can be hard to reach the oil or air filter without a special tractor jack that can safely lift the weight. This is why High Speed Tire and Automotive brings along the right tools for the job - leave it to us to keep your equipment and vehicles in top condition!